Hi I'm Danny Hudson. Welcome to my website.

I started the website to share information about carving, stone types, the beauty of animals and nature. Kids love carving too. Have a look at the Kids & Carving page. Some of the carvers I've met are on the Carvers page. If you carve or just love rocks... feel free to join the website and add more information.

You can see the carvings in person at our home in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories at 3608 Franklin Ave.

Kids & Carving: My Dad taught me to carve when I was very young. He showed me the hard way first....Sandpaper, lots of sandpaper.... Carvers: These are some of the carvers I've had the pleasure to meet. Feel free to join us.
Danny: During my youth, my parents taught me all the traditional and survival skills that they knew.

Animals: There are lots of photo opportunities in the NWT, but make sure you stay safe and give the animals their space. Use a zoom lens and don't approach the animals.

Stone: There's lots of interesting things to learn about stone. Here are some web links about stone, but the best way to learn is to work with it.Why we get rid of our Young Carving Notes: New page coming soon

Birchwood Gallery in Yellowknife

Yellowknife Artists

Silverdoodle's shop on etsy

Taking a Rest
Taking a rest

Taking a rest